Food Matters - Gent (B)

 installation by Peter Morrens en Jeroen Frateur

artists:        aaron daem – antoine goossens – astridcollectief – bart de clercq – bart maris – benoit felix – bjorn pauwels & nora dedecker – bram borloo – bram van stappen – christophe lezaire – dirk bogaert – dirk zoete – elien ronse – emilie de vlam – emma van roey – frederic geurts – geert marijnissen – griet van de velde – hans verhaegen – janes zeghers – jeroen frateur – jesse cremers – johan de wilde – karen vermeren – katelijne de corte – klaas vanhee – kristof lemmens – maarten van roy – maud vande veire – melissa mabesoone – merel vandecasteele – merlyn paridaen – natasja mabesoone – peter morrens – pieter de clercq – reinhard doubrawa – renée pevernagie – sacha eckes – sarah westphal – steffie van cauter – stijn van dorpe – william ludwig lutgens – thuy le thi thu & thomas de geyter

43 hosts and 43 guests  ––  A group show with 63 artists. Each artist (or duo, or group of artists) participates as host of one of the other artists and is likewise guest of one of the other artists. The host could be seen as the passive conglomerate, the guest as intruder, as invité(e), invited to discuss the work of his/her host and point a favourite object - or work - or item, taking advantage of the fact that he or she is the active character in a meeting of two persons who know each other or don't. Croxhapox won't interfere in the process of meeting, talk and choice. The result of these 43 encounters makes the presentation


expo in CC Ter Dilft Bornem (B)

Chairwork Algemene Schakelaar

Damn, what is this Chairwork for?

work in residence at De Blauwe Peer

workspace in De Blauwe Peer
Giving a new identity to the trash of one walk


Wildemannen Woestewijven

Ready for transport...
to the Ghent city festival... 


Meanwhile in the studio

a piece of border